Your child is ready for lessons, are you?

Music lessons are a commitment for the entire family.  Your child will learn about music, but also about self responsibility and time management.  As you can imagine, these lessons will be taught with the aid of involved parents in the home, as well as at our music studio.  Adult involvement in a child’s musical training is paramount to the success of the child. Here are some questions you need to ask yourself…

  • Are you prepared to attend classes/lessons regularly?
  • Are you prepared to purchase an instrument when the time comes?
  • Are you prepared to spend time with your child helping to guide and direct a focused practice?  The length of time varies with age from 5-10 minutes to much longer depending on the level of instruction and personal goals set between the student and instructor.
  • Do you have clear expectations of what you want from your child’s music instruction?  We will be happy to discuss the possibilities with you!



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